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Hey friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you. This one will be short and sweet, but a post nonetheless. I recently had my hernia surgery (finally) and I’m on the recovery road now. I’ll have some sweet scars and no lifting or physical activity for 4 more weeks but I’ll survive. I hope you’ve all been well through 3 months into the new year, too. Let me get you up to date in all things Poly Gecko.

I’m toying with the idea of making my forthcoming EP, The Narrows into a full-length album instead. There are about 14 songs right now that could fit on it; a good chunk of them being ongoing collaborative projects with friends. If this were the case, it would obviously push it farther into the future, but I’ve got the material now – it’s just a matter of finishing it.

Aside from that, I’m actually the busiest I’ve ever been these last few weeks with collaboration. I’ve met with two separate friends a few times and we’ve worked on a few songs. Both projects are very different. One is headed in the electronic / RnB / lyrical  direction while the other is headed in a throwback house music direction. I’m really excited for both because although both electronic, they’re a slight departure from the Poly Gecko stuff. However, these collaborations share a few common threads: both will assume new names apart from Poly Gecko or their name, both will have an EP out as soon as the material shapes up and both will give me a better opportunity to play live. Poly Gecko will play live someday but it’s a hard transition. I have to finish up this next series of songs and then go to the drawing board and figure out how to take these songs to a stage.

I’ll leave you with a little teaser of something new I cooked up a few days ago. The working title is Neotics. I was listening to a lot of deadmau5 and Daft Punk and then this happened:


What have I been listening to? I thought you’d never ask.

  1. The Inheritors by Holden
  2. In Rolling Waves by The Naked and Famous
  3. Where You Go I Go Too by Lindstorm
  4. Believe In Your Dreams by TWRP
  5. Wonder Where We Land by SBTRKT

Keep it chill. Talk soon.





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