Mid-June Update

Hey Friends,

Just checking in with ya. PGEP is coming along swimmingly now. Of the 5 songs, 3 are absolutely complete, waiting to be mixed and two more need just a little bit of work before I’m done. Check out the premix of 82 here! It’s truly so excited being this close to finishing this project; it has taken me years.

At the same time the EP will be mixed, I’m also getting my remix of Take My Hand (Joel Freck ft. Cameron Hawes) mixed for release. It’ll be released this summer and will need to be danced to pronto.

There are some cool acoustic guitar and Maschine songs coming down the proverbial pipe, too – inspired heavily by To Record Only Water For Ten Days. Also, another collaborative song with Karver is in the oven and baking on 450°. There’s plenty of projects to keep both you and I entertained.

Lately I’ve been listening to Noontide by Canadian electronic duo known as Humans. I’m devastated that they played in Halifax in March and I didn’t know of them at the time because I would’ve loved to see their jams live. It’s the perfect mixture of dance, techno, and reverb. I love all the different sounds they employ on their songs: huge, badass synths and then another synth part over it, so tranquil. The vocals are also excellent. Whenever I hear some awesome electronic music like this, it lights a fire under my ass.

Until there’s more,


Out of Sight

Jeez, there are just some songs that get me. A former colleague and good friend, Cameron Hawes released an EP in May 2014 shortly after we met. The whole album, titled The Holy Grail EP, is fantastic. But there is one song that stuck out to me and my electronic music side was tickled pink. The song is called Out of Sight and I suggest everyone take a moment and listen. I’ll wait here.

Yeah! Monstrous jam, right! I jam this song all the time. It’s just so uplifting and well-constructed. Here’s Cameron’s debrief of what Out of Sight means to him:

Out Of Sight is a song about life and death. It’s about what we really want in life vs. what we get from it. In major events such as 911 or any of my more personal experiences involving death I’ve noticed something quite profound – everybody comes together and wants to be close. As soon as death comes to mind we are quickly reminded that our days are numbered too. If only we could remember our desire to be open and close to the ones we love in everyday life – maybe we would be living a little bit closer to the truth and in line with our true values; the experience of experiencing each other. “

Cameron was aware of how much I loved this song so when he needed someone to accompany him in a music video made for this, I like to think I was a solid option. It was a really fun experience to be a part of this video and jam to one of my favourite tunes with one of my favourite dudes. Anyway, the video:

I hope you enjoyed the song (and my dance moves).

Talk to you soon.

PGEP Announcement

Hey friends,

I am really excited to announce that my debut EP, titled PGEP, will be released on July 20, 2015 and available for immediate free download from this website!

PGEP track listing:

  1. 82
  2. Only
  3. Forrest
  4. Infancy
  5. Num3rology

PGEP – Artwork by James Densley

PGEP was an interesting venture. I started four of these songs (82, Forrest, Infancy, Num3rology) in 2012 and Only in 2015. It essentially acts as a time capsule and reaches back into my development of becoming an electronic musician. For a few years, most of these songs collected dust. In late 2014, I decided to revamp them and make them into something I could be proud of. Like many artists, my style has changed over the years; where I was musically in 2012 is very different where I feel I am now. I had to adapt these songs’ arrangements and structures into something I was going to be happy with. I kept a lot of the same instruments and core elements but tried to change the atmosphere surrounding the songs. I wrote all the music myself but had some help from friends Joel MacLean and Ken LeBlanc for lyrics / vocoder parts. I wanted to try to do as much on my own as possible but having them aid me turned out to be very beneficial.

I’ll be posting some videos and songs as the date nears. I’m truly so excited to finally have some of my own music released; it’s a huge weight off my shoulders. And there are so many more things waiting in the wings for you all to hear. This the first small step of what I hope lasts a very long time.

I hope that PGEP is as fun to listen to as it was to make.