Mid-May Update

Hey guys,

I hope the sun is out wherever you are. I’m working on a lot of really cool things right now that I’ll be releasing this summer. Primarily, I’ll be releasing my debut EP titled PGEP (Poly Gecko Extended Play, I suppose). It’s going to contain five original songs that are written, performed and compared by yours exclusively. I’ll do an actual announcement when the time is right and I can release some mixed songs to tide you over until the main course. I expect this to be released in July but life is a busy thing and could be more August but we’ll see. I’ve got all the arrangements and music complete, it’s now just recording vocals that remains.

I’m also in the mixing stage for the remix I did of Joel Freck & Cameron Hawes’ Take My Hand. Like the EP, I will have it posted as soon as it’s ready and presentable.

Along with those two musical projects, I have also taken on the task of creating and maintaining this website with absolutely no experience or knowledge. It’s proving to be difficult at times, but nonetheless a worthwhile learning experience. Soon I’ll be posting songs at this address and you can directly download here instead of going to a variety of sites. I already have Posture primed for download, a song by Karver Hitchcock and I from December 2014. The button below will add it to your life for free: 

I wanted to also take a sec and express what music has captured my attention as of late. I’ve been really enjoying Voices by Phantogram (Indica Records). If you observed my iTunes library, you’d know I’m a total sucker for female vocals and this is no exception. Siren EP by ATTLAS (Mau5trap Records) has also caught my attention and really inspired that spacey-percussive side of me. One final one before I get back to work is Policy by Will Butler (Merge Records). Will is a member of Arcade Fire who I am also very fond of and his groovy jams on this album are striking. Anna, the single is just so catchy and primes me for a long-awaited summer.