March Hare Fest

On March 8, 2015, Wayne Hunt and I played a three-song set at the Carleton Music Bar. Wayne has been playing this festival for a few years now and each year he invites different musicians to occupancy him – this year, it was me with the Maschine. It was a pleasure to play live with one of the best songwriters that I’ve ever met.

The March Hare is a touring festival that originated in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland is 1988 and showcases Newfoundland & Labrador arts across the country. Hailing from Newfoundland, Wayne’s music fits right in. He has a collection of smokin’ tunes but he narrowed down to three for us to play together at the Festival. Wayne was really interested in the Maschine and integrating it in with his folk music. It’s an interesting juxtapose for sure and we spent a lot of the time practicing just getting the right samples for Maschine. Two of the songs (Bonfire Night; The Symphony) are a little more laid back while the final song, Little Harbour Deep is (in Wayne’s words) “a little more industrial”. We drew a lot of inspiration of drum patterns and samples from Lorde and her producer Joel Little.

It was the first time I had played live in a very long time – and the first with Maschine / without a bass guitar. It’s a very cool feeling to have my first performance in years in front of a sold-out crowd at my favourite music bar in Halifax. Overall, the March Hare was a blast and I’d love to play in front of all those salty Newfoudlanders again.  See the performance of the set here:

Num3rology Video

I have a song called Num3rology that I’m going to release on an upcoming EP and the lyrics are mostly about hating Winter. Some lyrics go like “so maybe I’ll go ahead, go ahead and burn the snow“, “I fear this Winter’s the end” so I thought it would be cool to get some footage of me walking around in the snow during the snowstorm Halifax received on March 17. I thought I should do it now in case it was the last big snowing for this Winter – and hopefully it is. I attached a GoPro to me and just pointed it down on my feet, showing me walking in the snow.  Here’s a little teaser of the video on the Facebook page:

A quick lil tease of a teaser video.

Posted by Poly Gecko on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The rest of the songs on the EP will also feature a short (1:00 – 2:00) music video of just some GoPro-shot footage of me walking about in different settings. The videos won’t be released until early Summer so hopefully by then, we’ll forget about this Winter and the snow will look so unfamiliar.